Wilshere is Arsenal’s biggest flop of the season insists Collymore

Jack Wilshere has been named as Arsenals biggest flop of the season by ex-Liverpool player Stan Collymore.

Speaking out against the critics who have labelled Olivier Giroud and Mesut Ozil, poor performing players, Collymore believes it is in fact Wilshere who deserves the dubious title after his hit-and-miss campaign. The Bleacher Report quote Collymore as saying:

lfc-books“When Jack Wilshere first emerged at Arsenal, I expected him to be a dictator of play, I expected him to be getting involved in the type of goals we see Yaya Toure scoring on a regular basis.

“Wilshere should be getting 10-15 goals a season—drifting in, beating players and using his balance and touch to make things happen. Toure has scored 20 from a defensive position this season for Manchester City. Wilshere could be doing the same for Arsenal, but he isn’t.”

Wilshire is currently suffering an injury but the Gunners hope that he will make an appearance at the club’s final game of the season this weekend. It is also hoped that he will play in the FA Cup Final against Hull City and in the World Cup over the summer.

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is a mum of two, based in the UK. Her youngest son is named for Robbie Fowler and Steven Gerrard which proves her complete devotion to the Redmen, her eldest is named for Luke Skywalker, but that’s another story! She loves to write both factual and creative content for websites, articles and reports and works for an integrated Digital Marketing Agency; www.visionfive.co.uk She hopes one day to meet Steven Gerrard face to face.

3 Responses

  1. SAGunner

    Well Spoken Mr. Collymore – if you care to go back in not only this blog, but many blogs on Arsenal you will find my comment many times over, as he has gotten older his head has gotten bigger and his ability regressed and his physical strength shown to be to weak for the premiere league. He is more talk than go!
    Sell him and get in some one like Costa or Silva – they are good and show it on the field, they train physically hard enough to negate getting an injury everytime an opposition player looks at them askance.

  2. GunsR'Red

    Interesting comment from Stan, although he should check how many of Yaya’s goals were free-kicks or when being played as Attacking Mid behind the main striker……..and NOT as a Defensiv Mid.

  3. Goongoonergone

    Absolutely agree with you Mr Collymore. Wilshire just talks bullshit all the time. He can’t do zilch with his right foot, holds onto the ball too long, loses the ball when tackled or falls over too easily. He is physically weak and easily pushed around. In fact, he is one of Arsenal’s biggest liabilities. An over rated, hyped footballer with no brains, except to talk big and play small.


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