Uruguay’s Chief Medical Officer comments on Suarez’ knee injury

The most up to date news on Suarez knee injury sees Uruguay’s Chief Medical Officer insisting that an operation to repair a small cartilage tear in star LFC striker Luis Suarez’ knee  was the correct course of action.

Suarez underwent a minor medical procedure on Wednesday after complaining of discomfort during a training session. As reported yesterday by The Kop End, LFC’s medial team were kept well informed of decisions and progress and were sent copies of the ultrasound scans of the striker’s knee.

Suarez is optimistic that he will be fit for the World Cup, although he may not play in the opening game against Costa Rica, instead waiting for the game against England on 19 June to ensure he is back on fighting form.

Dr Alberto Pan, Uruguay’s head doctor, has said his focus was not on ensuring Luis was fit for LFC or the Uruguay National team, but that his main concern was ensuring Luis himself was free from pain.

Pan has said: “From the minute that Luis felt pain to when he left the hospital and only 20 hours had past,”

“Our main concern was the player.

“The injury occurred while the player was in England and because the season was over and no training was done he felt no pain.

“It was impossible for Luis Suarez to keep playing without the surgery

“Our utmost concern was Luis. Not the club in England nor the team. So we moved fast with a group of professionals to fix the problem.

“His rehabilitation will be a process of ice to control swelling and aqua-physiotherapy.”

Liverpool and national team-mate Sebastian Coates added: “We spoke with him yesterday and today.

“This is hard but he will be here and ready. Nothing is going to stop him”

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