#ThankYouMoyes: Liverpool fans react to the sacking of David Moyes

As you’ve all probably heard by now, David Moyes was relieved of his duties as Manchester United manager on Tuesday morning. United’s official Twitter account broke the news after rumours on Monday suggested that the Scotsman’s miserable time at Old Trafford was nearly its end. As confirmation of the sacking spread around the web, the Liverpool faithful took to Twitter to voice their opinions on Moyes’s 9 month tenure:

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Elliot Morrow

was born in Cumbria, England and carries the embarrassing burden of having supported Manchester United between the ages of 7 and 9. However, after seeing the error of his ways through help from his Father, Elliot is now a die-hard Liverpool fan of over 10 years. Currently living in Manchester while studying Film and Media at university, he has to keep his passion for The Reds slightly under-wraps, but won't hesitate to wear his Liverpool shirt around the city centre when he's feeling brave enough.

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