Suarez: Uruguay will cause problems for England in Brazil

Liverpool player Luis Suarez has commented on the forthcoming World Cup match between England and his own home side Uruguay.

The game, scheduled for 19 June could prove critical for both teams and Suarez is hopeful he can carry his impressive performances, where he scored 31 goals playing for the Redmen, through to secure victory for his home team. Playing in the UK last season has given the 27 year old an insight into the possible strategy the England Team may employ.

Suarez said: “They have very good players that are in form and that are part of the big teams.

“Most of the players come from the big names of the Premier League and that means a lot. But we also know that they have some troubles and we know we can hurt them.”

Suarez who’s side finished fourth in South Africa four years ago, says he is confident Uruguay will play better this year

He said: “It is clear that Uruguay knows the meaning of a World Cup in Brazil.

“It is more important because of what happened in the past but now we are living in the present.

“Brazil eliminated us in the Confederations Cup last year and it was not fair because I think we played better. But that’s football and sometimes despite playing a great game, you can’t always win.

“We realise that the World Cup in Brazil motivates us a lot because all the things that we have experienced in the past.

“We are a small country but the percentage of players we have is unbelievable. There’s a strong desire to achieve and to win something. That’s what we have as Uruguayans, that desire.”

Knowing he will play against such International superstars as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo this summer, he has clearly been studying their form. Commenting on this, he said:

“Messi and Ronaldo are totally different players.

“I can’t say who’s the better one of them. Messi has beautiful technique, scores a lot, is an excellent dribbler also because he’s a little guy.”

“Ronaldo, on the other hand, looks like a machine. It all looks so perfect with him. He combines power with intelligence and always strikes the ball perfect. They’re both on the same level.

“But I also admire Andres Iniesta a lot. He’s the kind of player that always thinks faster then every other player and sends incredible passes.

“He does the things you don’t expect. He sees possibilities no one else sees. But it’s not just his way of playing, it’s also his way of living. He’s always calm.”

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