Steven Gerrard: Fully focused on World Cup

Liverpool and England Skipper Steven Gerrard has spoken to the press this week and confirmed that the slip he made in the Liverpool Vs Chelsea match is now behind him and he is fully focussed on giving his all to the forthcoming World Cup games.

Although disappointed in his mistake, which lead to the 2-0 defeat at Anfield, the Red’s captain has said he is concentrating on the positives from the season to help him in the forthcoming World Cup opening game against Italy.

He is quoted as saying:

“I know everyone wants to know what frame of mind I’m in after the slip that happened to me against Chelsea,” he said.

“I’m over it. It’s gone. I can’t change it, but of course I was disappointed in it from a personal point of view. The title slipping away from Liverpool with three games to go was a blow.

“But you’ve also got to look at the positives as well having Champions League football back, finishing second in what is the most difficult league in the world. I can’t just focus on one mistake I made over 38 games.

“I’m in a good frame of mind. Everyone’s starting to get really excited and looking forward to the tournament getting started.

“This is the important part, the preparation, making sure you get into peak condition. You try and find your form before that very important game against Italy.”

Being one of the most senior players in the squad certainly adds pressure. His experience will be required by England Manager Roy Hodgson to help support the younger players in the team. Gerrard however recognises that players such as Sterling, Barkley and Shaw should be allowed freedom to play in their own style as they won’t benefit from too much pressure or expectation.

“I was very pleased for Raheem, It is always important being an experienced player that you have good young attacking talent in the squad. That you have that no fear and that you are cable to surprise a few out there in Brazil.

“I think the stage is set for Raheem. He has no pressure on him at all. The pressure falls on the experienced players.

“We want the likes of Raheem, Ross Barkley and Luke Shaw to just go there and enjoy it and keep doing what they’ve been doing for their clubs.

“It’s very exciting. The managers have picked a great mix of players. A good mix of players; good experienced players who have been around the block and young players who have had terrific seasons.

“He hasn’t picked them because he wants young players on the squad but he’s picked them because they are good enough and because they’ve shown excellent form throughout the Premier League games.

“They are here because they are very talented. They are here on merit.”

LFC players certainly feature strongly in the World Cup line up, there are five Liverpool players expected to feature in the opening line-up and there has been speculation that Hodgson will adopt a similar playing style to what Rodgers imposes on the Redmen. However, Gerrard has his own thoughts on this strategy:

“We can’t play the Liverpool way,” he said. “We are here to play the England way. The way that Roy Hodgson, Gary Neville and Ray Lewington want us to play.

“I’m very proud to have so many team-mates around, it tells me that as a group for Liverpool we’ve done very well.”


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