Sports psychologist Dr. Steve Peters enjoys working with Rodgers.

Peters has been working with the Liverpool squad this season, and it is clear that his methods have had the desired result as the team are playing both with swagger and confidence, while also being able to grind through the tough moments (as seen in their last two matches against Man City and Norwich).

He compared Rodgers to ex-British Cycling boss Sir David Brailsford, noticing that they are both “very psychologically minded”.

He is very happy to have been working with the Reds and says Rodgers is making him work for his money by challenging him to find new ways to improve his team’s mentality and ability to handle high pressure situations..

Speaking to the BBC he said, “Rodgers wants to make sure he’s got it right. He will question what I do, engage with it”,

“To me, it is just magic to work with somebody like that. You work as a team again.

“And I can’t tell him what to do. He will say to me: ‘What do you suggest? What do you recommend?”‘

The introduction of sports psychologists in football has been a relatively recent phenomenon that stemmed from managers seeking amazon-liverpoolto find new benefits that could give their teams a little edge over rivals. Other sports such as rugby had started using it long before football teams, and Johnny Wilkinson had championed the use of such doctors – claiming that they had helped him become such a steady rugby kicker.

Brenda Rodgers seems to have stolen a march on his Premier League rivals by using Peters extensively throughout the current campaign, and it is obviously paying dividends.

If the team finish the job over the next few weeks and lift the Premier League crown, there will surely be praise from inside Anfield for Dr. Peter’s methods and it is likely he will be kept on as the team stride the Champions League again next season.

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