Rodgers:  Really preparing for next season

Liverpool FC Manger Brendan Rodgers has said told the Liverpool Echo that the entire management team are focussed on ensuring the development of the team is as strong as possible to maximise the chances of securing trophies next season.

Rodgers, who signed a renewed long term contract with the club on Monday, has confirmed that some good meetings have been held already and plans for strengthening the squad have been on-going since the close of the 2013/14 season on 11 May.

“We are really preparing for next season,”

“I’ve had some very good meetings with our recruitment team. We are very much together as one. We work very closely together – it’s worth stressing that. It’s key that we are very much one club.”

“It’s always about the availability of players. If you are not satisfied with the squad and you feel you can improve it then you have to look at every option.

“In these first couple of years I’ve been here we have had to do that as we’ve had a thin squad. We turn the page and it’s another chapter in terms of where we are going.

“Hopefully that will mean it will be more permanent players than loan players but I can never rule it out completely. There could be a situation where a player becomes available, we can get him and he can add to what we’re doing.”

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