Just 81 days remain until the 2013/2014 Premier League season comes to a close. A possible 36 points are on the line, with every point being more important than the one that came before it.

How many points do Liverpool need to finish in the top four? This question has been asked thousands of times over different social media outlets and websites, and perhaps in the board room at Melwood. This question has a plethora of variables, most of which lay scattered across the country.

Can Liverpool catch Arsenal? Are Tottenham for real? Can Lukaku and Traoré power Everton forward? Does Manchester United still have a pulse? All of these are of equal importance and will effect the race for fourth greatly. I will now go about the foolhardy task of answering those questions. Wish me luck.

For Liverpool to catch Arsenal a few important things will need go their way, and I just can’t see that happening. Arsenal should be knocked from the Champions League by holders and favourites Bayern Munich by the 11th of March. Leaving them two months to focus on the FA Cup and the League. Their consistency against mid-table opponents will just give them the edge, but it will be very close. Tottenham, in my opinion, are the biggest contenders for fourth place. They play only three teams in the top 7 the rest of the year, away to Chelsea, home to Arsenal and away to Liverpool. By far the easiest remaining schedule and under the Sherwood they look a new team. Their problem will be the Europa League, they should get by Dnipro and that will continue to cramp their schedule. Their season will be won or lost before April starts.

The last two teams are the most peculiar scenarios of all. Everton have lost a little speed in the race for fourth and now sit eight points back of Liverpool with a game in hand. Their schedule is not too bad with a visit too Stamford Bridge at the weekend their last real away test of the year, but home games at the end of April and start of May to both Manchester Clubs will be the real challenge. An away loss this weekend to Chelsea paired with a Liverpool win and a subsequent gap of 11 points, may just be too much for Martinez’s men.

I know some of you may even be upset for me including United in this topic, but if it were anyone else, I wouldn’t have wasted my time. 11 back of Liverpool without a game in hand. An easier Champions League round of 16 match up may offer two more games in April for Moyes to deal with. Liverpool, City, and Everton all remain on the schedule for the Champions and I think first half home losses will come back to bite them as they fall short.

81 days remaining, 81 points the target. The next 12 games are the most important Liverpool have played in four years. A multitude of possibilities hang in the balance for next season, including the retainment of one Luis Suárez.

Predicted Liverpool results:

Peering Into The Crystal Ball

Peering Into The Crystal Ball

A point total of 81 would have gotten you second place last year, this year it will probably be third or fourth. Point totals this year will be highly dependent on the fight of the bottom table teams, as I only have Liverpool dropping two points (West Ham away) to teams in the bottom half. We have seen time and time again though, the difficulty of all Premier League opponents. If it is as tight as predicted, the last five games might as well be Cup finals for Liverpool, never have I been so scared of Tony Pulis.

81 days remaining, 81 points the target. The next 12 games are the most important Liverpool have played in four years. A multitude of possibilities hang in the balance for next season, including the retainment of Luis Suárez. Intensity coming out of the tunnel needs to be high week in and week out. So we look to our Captain, to guide us back to Europe.

Peering Into The Crystal Ball – Michael Blundell

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Michael Blundell

was born in Vancouver, Canada to a Canadian mother and American Father. His father played University Soccer in New York and raised Michael a Liverpool supporter. Though only being a University student himself, he has experienced both the highs and lows at the club. Naivety may be a blessing and curse in this case, but it is well for the heart to be naive and the mind not to be.

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