LFC reaction to Suarez’ knee injury

Liverpool bosses have spoken about their confidence in the Urugyian Medial Team’s management of striker Suraz’ knee injury.

After experiencing discomfort during training ahead of the World Cup, Suarez had minor surgery on his knee to repair a small tear. Initial fears were that he may miss playing for his National side, however it now looks likely that he will be fully recovered and fit to play in two to three weeks.

Uruguay’s first match is scheduled for 14 June when they are due to play against Costa Rica in Group D. They are set to face England just five days later before playing Italy on 24 June. As Suarez’ recovery seems likely to over-lap with the match against Costa Rica, it is possible that the first showing for the Liverpool player will be against his Skipper, Steven Gerrard in the England match.

There are no plans by Liverpool to send a medical team to visit Suarez and over-see his recovery and LFC seem confident in the Urugyian Medial Team to look after their player in the best possible way. It is understood however that LFC medical staff where kept informed of the plans to perform the repair on Suarez’ knee and were happy with the plan of action.

The Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) have reportedly stated that they feel the damage may have been caused during Liverpool’s match against Newcastle.

In a statement they said: “The player received a blunt trauma to his left knee in the final game of the Premier League with Liverpool on Sunday 05/11/14,”

A meniscus injury is thought to usually take between four and six weeks to heal after surgery but Suarez is confident of being fit to play in Brazil and AUF said: “His participation in the World Cup has not been ruled out.”

Luis’ sister, Giovanna, has said: “The problem is that these days he won’t be able to play, and will only be able to do physiotherapy.”

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